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Clear, seedy bowl

March 2022

Announcing Three New Breathtaking Glass Styles!

Each one is suitable for fusing, for stained-glass, or for simply holding up to the light and marveling over. Ask about them at your local Bullseye Glass Resource Center, at a participating Bullseye Glass dealer, or search for them in Bullseye’s online store. But beware: it might be straight up impossible to see a sheet of these styles without becoming inspired by visions of new projects! Download the PDF

Call your Bullseye Resource Center to confirm availability.

Clear, Seedy

A simple, clear seedy glass, perfect for stained-glass. Also adds a light touch of depth and complexity to fusing projects.

Clear, Seedy (001101-0027)
Clear, Seedy (001101-0027)

Peacock Blue, White Streaky

Peacock Blue (001476) mixed with white for an incredibly gorgeous new streaky style.

Peacock Blue, White Streakie—fused tile (002176-0030)
Peacock Blue, White Streakie—cold (002176-0030)

Warm White, Light Amber Streaky

A mix of Warm White (000920) and Light Amber (001437).

Warm White, Light Amber Streaky (002237-0030)
Warm White, Light Amber Streakie (002237-0030)